So a few years back there was this Japanese film that was SO outrageously and controversially violent that no U.S. distributor would touch the thing -- it was about a bunch of high school kids who were dropped onto a deserted island and forced to murder each other. It, of course, was Battle Royale, and it's as blisteringly, nastily cool as its sequel is virtually worthless.

So now comes word that New Line Cinema and producer Neal H. Moritz have acquired the rights to make an American version ... because, I guess, we've allowed enough time to pass since Colombine, and it's now perfectly acceptable for Battle Royale to make its way stateside -- if only in an inevitably diluted package full of MTV-style actors.

For the record, Mr. Moritz's previous films include (get this) all three Urban Legend flicks, all three I Know What You Did Last Summer travesties, both of the xXx sweat-fests, all three of the retarded Skulls movies, and the painfully bad Cruel Intentions trilogy, as well as S.W.A.T., Torque, Stealth, Slackers, Saving Silverman, Blue Streak, Volcano, Soul Survivors, and the freakin' Fast and the Furious trilogy, allllll of which give a pretty good indication as to what the American Battle Royale might look like: junk.
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