Kate Beckinsale told MTV she won't be doing another Underworld movie until she's at least 55 (wouldn't that be hot?). For the time being, she's in talks to star in a Cold War spy drama called April 23. She was attracted to the film because -- who knew? -- she majored in Russian in college and she will finally be able to use her skills for a role. She also divulged the basics of the plot, which focuses on, "a Russian spy who comes into America and has to be completely undercover. He has a wife who doesn't know he's a Russian; it's actually a beautiful story. It's a serious drama."

Okay, so where does Beckinsale's bilingual ability come in? Does she play the Russian man? Or does his wife coincidentally speak the language? Maybe she's also a spy and it's simply a serious version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Hmm, Beckinsale sure is getting interesting with her choices of parts: A Russian man now, a 55-year-old vampire later (wait, it doesn't make any sense that she'd be older). At least it beats playing boring love interests again and again.

Anyway, if somebody starts filming this movie now, it could be released on April 23, 2007. Sure it's a Monday, but specially marketed release dates are hot for '07.

[via Coming Soon]