Okay, I liked Kill Bill. A lot, actually. I know it took some critical shots from one or two corners, and even some Tarantino purists scoffed at it, but I (like many others) really enjoyed watching it. Both parts. Saw them both on opening day, as a matter of fact. But since then, I don't know that I've sat down to watch either of them again. I always intended to purchase them on DVD (I'm the type of guy who likes to own instead of rent), but I've been patiently awaiting the sure-to-be-coming special edition double feature crazy box set -- waiting almost to the point of forgetting about the films entirely.

This clip combines most of the salient moments of the two films into a nice little two minute montage which ends in an advertisement for some movie download service or something -- don't worry, you can shut it down without having to watch that part since it is tacked on at the end and not the beginning. Yes, it is mostly only Uma Thurman killing over 100 people. Yes, it lacks a good three hours or more of film. Nonetheless it reminded me of how fun the flicks were (and also reminded me of how irritated I am by the lack of a special edition Kill Bill DVD on my shelf).