A few weeks ago, the French teaser to Pixar's Cars follow-up, Ratatouille, popped up online. As one of the legion Americans who, much to my humiliation, can't speak a single damn foreign language (I try, I really do! My brain just doesn't bend that way.), I couldn't get too into the teaser -- I love Pixar and certainly am hopeful about the project, but it was hard to really get a sense of the personality of that totally not-cute rat just from looking at him, and hearing him say words I didn't understand. Now, though, the thing has show up in English, and it's as if the light has gone on, or something -- I'm now in love with the rat that once freaked me out, and the movie has vaulted to the upper reaches of my must-see list (of course, since Miami Vice is up there too, that may not be a good thing for the film).

Seen in English, the main character has a distinct personality that somehow makes his weird appearance acceptable -- plus, his fat, poo-eating friend is hilarious and philosophical instead of just gross. I don't recognize either of the main voices, though, do you any of you?

[via AICN]
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