It seems as though sex is permeating many of the film events in Austin this week, from movies that stretched the limits of the old Production Code (Lolita, Baby Doll) to contemporary movies that stretch our ideas about sex and film (Dear Pillow, Kissing on the Mouth). Labyrinth is also a hot choice for many David Bowie fans. You may want to buy a frosty beverage, with lots of ice, to accompany your viewing of these films. Or you could go see something tamer, but what's the fun in that?
  • This week's addition to the AFS@Dobie collaboration is the 2005 Australian Western feature The Proposition, which opens today for a week-long run at the Dobie. Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy and Clean are being held over for extended runs.
  • This week's selection of Summer Movie Classics at the Paramount includes a saucy pairing of Lolita and Baby Doll on Sunday and Monday, a "Tales of Kipling" double-feature of Gunga Din and The Man Who Would Be King on Tuesday and Wednesday, and all three Indiana Jones movies next weekend.
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