After what The Hollywood Reporter presents as an epic search, Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce has finally found the man on whom she will hang her return to directing -- and it's ... Ryan Phillippe. Um, ok. Has he had a massive charisma-cum-talent transplant lately of which we are unaware, or something? Because Phillippe's not the first actor of his age who would come to mind as the answer to any talent-related questions.

Clearly knowing something we do not (or else having been told "no" by everyone she really wanted), Peirce is drafting Phillippe in to star in Stop-Loss, which she co-wrote. Assuming he signs that contract, Phillippe will play "a soldier who returns home ... and is called to duty again in Iraq through the military's 'stop-loss' procedure" but refuses to return to service. Already on board as the female lead is young Abbie Cornish, one of Kim's current favorite actresses; Peirce is hoping to begin shooting in August.
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