Remember those days, mere months ago, when Q'Orianka Kilcher was simply a teenager, chilling with her parents and friends, making her own dresses, and not knowing who Colin Farrell was? Ah, youth. Now she's not only a big fancy movie star who shared her first-ever kiss with skeevy, smoke-smelling Mr. Farrell, but also a lady who owns her own company, and is producing her own films. Makes sense -- I mean, after all, the girls IS 16 now. It's about time she pulled herself together and started making things happen, right?

According to Variety, the first film for her newly launched Q Films will be The Power of the Few, in which Kilcher herself will star. The film's summary -- a "complex urban tale center[ed] on terrorism and cloning told from five perspectives" -- suggest that it's basically Rashomon, except with terrorists (whether one of the perspectives will be that of a dead person remains to be seen); Kilcher will play "a courier who rescues a man on the run."

The unusual (read: "cool" or "gimmicky," depending on your perspective) thing about The Power of the Few is that the crazy kids who are producing are going to allow random web denizens to edit the film via -- and not just for fun either, they're going to use a fan-edited action sequence in the movie. Say wha? Man, I hope people with some ability are interested in this, otherwise they could have a really crummy sequence smack in the middle of their movie (which one assumes will at the very least be professionally edited).
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