The image should be at once familiar to completionists -- those fanatics who buy $1.99 VHS tapes from Walgreen's, or those whose TVs are crowned with upside down coat-hangers and who are stil within viewing range of a UHF station. You guessed it: At the center of the three figures is the shame of the US Navy, 'Lobsterhead' Crackenby, in one of his many salty adventures (Crackenby Walks the Plank, Assimilated Studios' 1952 release). Unfortunately, too little know about W. W. "Bob" Trowbridge, screenwriter extroadinaire, creator of "Lobsterhead" and so much more -- including the first feature by the much-loved comedy duo "Mac and Cheese." When I tried to post Trowbridge's bio at the IMDb, imagine my outrage when it was brutally censored. OK, so that time I posted the scoop that Ang Lee's new movie was Harold and Kumar Go to Bangkok, I should have double checked, but that video clerk seemed so authorative ... anyway, here is the page that the IMDb refuses to print:
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