Studio heads to Iraq: "Where have you been all our lives?" Suddenly, Hollywood simply cannot get enough of the place -- whether it's war movies, thrillers, or spy flicks, it's all Iraq, all the time out there on the left coast these days. And now, to the assorted Iraq sub-genres, we can add antiquities thrillers! Variety reported this morning that Warner Brothers will be bringing Matthew Bogdanos and William Patrick's Thieves of Baghdad to the big screen. Bogdanos was one of the men responsible for recovering the antiquities that were looted from Baghdad museums after the US invasion, and the book is a first-person account of his work.

Now, I think this story sounds fantastic, but I'm a massive nerd who studied both history and art history in college -- how could I resist? Is your average multiplexer, though, going to get fired up about a guy chasing old art around? I mean, I know the producers say that Bogdanos' is "one of the most dramatic stories of the war in Iraq" and everything, but I'm glad it's not my money riding on this one.
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