There's not much too it yet, but Michael Bay and his studio cohorts have officially launched a website for the live-action Transformers movies to be released next summer.  The site has some nice, dramatic music and ... a boring picture background. Oh, and a little scrolling countdown marking the days, hours, minutes, seconds, and yes ... milliseconds until a Transformers teaser trailer is released. The count right now stands at just under a month, but if you are particularly eager you can load up the page and watch the milliseconds fly on by. Really though, it just makes you frustrated there is nothing more for now.

The launch of their first trailer will be a big litmus test for Bay and company. Thus far news of actors, airplanes, and set locations have been pouring in -- and some of it sounds very good -- but the bottom line is fans will just refuse to truly anticipate this movie until they see the proof of Robots in Disguise with their very own eyes. A good trailer could pull a lot of skeptics into the Transformers camp, while a bad one could condemn the film to months of negative speculation. I, for one, can't wait.
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