Fox Atomic, the hideously named new young-adult division from Fox Filmed Entertainment, has acquired its first film for distribution. And, because there are just not enough crappy horror movies aimed at young-adults coming out right now, they've grabbed one of those -- take that, Lionsgate! This particular horror flick is called Turistas, and stars Josh Duhamel, Melissa George (AKA the most hated woman in the history of Alias) and Olivia Wilde as "college-age backpackers who embark on a dream vacation along the Brazilian coast." Sharp-eyed readers will note I said "horror," so clearly this is not going to be a Brazilian travelogue (though I have to say I'd be more likely to watch that movie than this one). In fact, things on the trip go south when, after an unspecified accident, the trio "discover a beachside bar filled with revelers, only to end up drugged by the locals and two of them kidnapped." Hmm. Can you say "Hostel in South America?" I knew you could.

Though the film, directed by John Stockwell (He also helmed both Into the Blue and Blue Crush -- I wonder if an early title for this one was Dead Blue Americans.), is completed, Fox hasn't yet specified a release date.
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