In one of them classic Hollywood bidding wars, Universal Pictures beat out the likes of Dreamworks and Warner Brothers and bought the rights to turn the comic book Talent into a feature film. Man, I remember back in the day when a good old fashioned bidding war would feature a bunch of studio execs in a pit (along with a few lions to make things interesting), fighting to the death over a story and a dream. Alas, nowadays it's all done over speaker phone. Stupid present day technology always ruining the fun things.

Written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski, the four-issue miniseries tells of a college professor who is the lone survivor of a plane crash. After the accident, he mysteriously begins to take on the "talents" of those who perished in the crash. Now, I've never read the comic, but it sounds pretty awesome. In fact, sometimes I feel that a similar situation could be the reason why Britney Spears has any talent whatsoever. But then I remember that people are stupid.

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