NO, that is not the actual title of Eli Roth's Hostel sequel, so don't go blaming any wacky internet rumors on me. I simply used that title to illustrate the gender-reversal being explored in the hostile follow-up. In other words, where Hostel dealt with three guys and their misadventures within a Slovakian torture chamber, Hostel 2 will deal with three girls and their misadventures within an Italian torture chamber.

Seems the various hostels work as McDonald's-style franchises, all interconnected and doling out death by the quarter pound. In this MTV article, Roth dished out some sequel dirt, and here's what we know:

  • It'll be three gals instead of three guys, and they'll be in Italy instead of Slovakia.
  • Jay Hernandez's character IS scheduled to be a factor in one way or ... another.
  • Halloween 2-style, Hostel 2 will pick up immediately where its predecessor left off. (Like, on the train.)
  • The "inner workings" of the International Slice & Dice Hostel chain WILL be explored, which sounds like fun.
So that's what Roth has so far; the screenplay's not quite completed yet, but Hostel 2 production is scheduled to begin in August, with a dismembered eye toward a January release date.
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