(My apologies to Mark Beall for stepping on his geek toes with this one.)

Whether or not there will be a sequel to the not-as-bad-as-some-people-think Hulk, directed by Ang Lee, has been a topic of discussion since about five minutes after the movie came out. Star Eric Bana has seemingly gone back and forth on it, sometimes denying any participation and sometimes saying things were on track.

Now Avi Arad, recently parted from Marvel Comics but still involved in the films as a producer, has spoken about the potential for another Hulk-errific flick. Arad says that plans are still for a second movie to be made. The catch is that this won't be a sequel to the 2003 film but a do-over. The first movie wasn't, according to Arad, enough of a comic-book movie, a situation they intend to rectify this time around. Now that Marvel has its own production house they aren't subject to the studio whims that, I guess, compromised the first film. And they can do this movie on their own, and not through Universal, by calling it a new movie and not a sequel. That's because Universal likely has the sequel rights.

Now Superman is about to get a reboot, but that's coming 19 years after the last Christopher Reeve movie. Batman Begins had a smaller window but it was still almost a decade after Joel Schumacher ran the series into the ground and then torched the remains while clubbing baby seals. But three years seems like an awfully short period of time for a complete Mulligan. I actually think the Ang Lee Hulk had more problems that likely resulted from some power trying to make his drama more like a comic book. For Arad to come out and say that while he liked the first movie it wasn't quite comic-booky enough just seems like he's trying to find a rationale to reclaim the franchise for his own profit and not that of Universal.
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