Although the casual fan may not know it, the young man known as Jimmy Olsen is a staple character in the Superman universe. Heck, he had his own comic for almost two decades, amusingly titled Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. For comic book fans, Jimmy is a classically lovable character -- you might scoff at his book but you chuckle at the character as he works his way into your heart. He's just been part of the Superman mythos for so long it's hard to imagine DC Comics without him.

Jimmy Olsen has appeared in virtually every form of media Superman has been translated into. For the upcoming Superman Returns flick, he'll be played by Sam Huntington. He was recently asked if he'd be contractually able to return to the franchise after this flick, and his response was: "Yes. For two more. I really hope they get made." Now of course nobody doubted the likelihood of sequels should Returns do well, so I'm sure we'll see more of Sam Huntington in the future. Here's to hoping he doesn't go transforming into a giant turtle boy or a human porcupine, though.
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