Unlike last week, when the massive success of The Break-Up shocked almost everyone, the fact that Cars dominated this weekend's box office receipts should come as a surprise to no one. I mean, it's Pixar -- even if the reviews haven't been as uniformly glowing as those lavished upon the company's previous projects, they can nevertheless be counted on for quality, and that quality was appreciated this weekend to the tune of about $62.8 million. Despite the fact that the total is well below that earned by Pixar's recent debuts (and, indeed, not even the best bow for an animated feature this year -- that honor goes to Ice Age 2), Variety points out that the studio's films tend to hold remarkably well, and are not generally subject to the 40%-60% declines that befall many big openers in their second week. Speaking of that decline, this weekend's second place film, The Break-Up, was down almost 50% from last week, earning $20.5 million. That brings the movie's two-week domestic total to just over $74 million, a number that must make Universal very happy, seeing as how they spent just $52 million to make it.

The weekend's two other major debuts, meanwhile, both opened reasonably well on a moderate number of screens. The Omen finished up in the fourth spot (just behind X3, which is now over $200 million in domestic returns) with $15.5 million from an average of about $5600/screen, while A Prairie Home Companion took in a total of $4.7 million on only 760 screens. Full numbers are after the jump.