With just over two weeks before Superman Returns lands in theaters, early buzz on the film has been mixed. As expected, fans of the Man of Steel have showed support for the film claiming it "delivers on all fronts." Heck, even critics seem to dig it. However, when it comes down to a select few in the "industry", that trend does not continue.

Back in April, my opinion was that Superman Returns would take home the prize for this summer's biggest disappointment. According to JoBlo, word trickling out of a recent screening of the film in LA suggests I may be spot on. Not like I ever doubted myself -- I mean, I know everything. That's a fact. So, what's their beef exactly? Well, unlike my assumption that Kevin Spacey's portrayal of Lex Luthor would make the film, a bunch of folks felt his performance and storyline just didn't work. Wow, so maybe I was wrong about Spacey. That's odd. Could it be?

While most praised Bryan Singer's directing, the consensus was that his take on Superman may have been a bit out of touch with today's young and urban crowd. This I didn't get as much. I mean, should Superman have an iPod on him at all times and say things like, "Yo Lois, that Lex Luthor is whack!"? Basically, the film was summed up as "too much of a chick flick with not enough action and a weak villain." Then again, these are people in the "industry" who, like me, feel they know everything about anything. If anyone out there has had the chance to attend an early screening of Superman Returns, feel free to chime in with your opinion. Everyone else will have to wait until the film opens up in theaters on June 28.

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