It is quite likely you've never heard of Ted Raimi. If that's the case, I'm sorry for you, because you are missing out. You can probably use your logical reasoning capacities to figure out why a guy named Ted Raimi is connected to the Spider-Man films, but in case you have your cognitive capacities disconnected here is a hint -- he's the director's brother. He's also an actor (on the smaller "B" scale most of the time) and a comedian, and a darn nice guy. He's also buddies with Bruce Campbell (via the Sam Raimi -- Bruce Campbell) connection from their younger years. Like Campbell, Ted Raimi has appeared in both of his brother's previous Spider-Man films; the perks of having a talented and famous director brother.

Although he isn't allowed to discuss any details, Ted recently talked to Comics Continuum about the third film, and confirmed his return to the franchise as Hoffman, the Daily Bugle reporter who has appeared in the previous films. Said Raimi: "I'm definitely in Spider-Man 3."  Even though it is only a small, small part, this makes me happy. I like Ted and I like to see him on screen, even in the little roles.
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