Granted, it's only tangentially movie-related, but this little number is just too fantastic to pass up. The people at mysterious (Perhaps only to me, of course -- I just don't get exactly what the hell it is. Yes, I'm tech-disabled.) HD-provider Voom are very excited about the fact that, this month, they're offered the HD world premieres of a whole mess of James Bond films. To celebrate the occasion, they went out and got the biggest star on God's green earth to both host the series and sing a theme song in a video that looks a whole lot like the credits sequence to a Bond flick. And when you're dealing with something this epic, there's only one man to whom you can turn: That's right, David Hasselhoff is bringing the Bond. Sort of.

Since the Bond theme doesn't actually have any words, Voom and The Hoff instead chose Secret Agent Man (a song that many of us spent a long time thinking was called "Secret Asian Man") as the song that would bring out the man's inner Bond. So, in what I assume/pray is a tongue-in-cheek performance, we're treated to some pretty magnificent Hasselhoff action, most of it involving guns and a tux. I gotta say, though, I still don't get why the Germans are so into this guy.

[via MI6]