I'll admit right up front that I think this movie sounds adorable, so there will be none of my customary cynicism or unpleasantness in this post. (Disappointing, I know, but even I can be sappy from time to time.) The movie in question is called Mayfly, and it's only a pitch at this point, penned by Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick. Recently picked up by Paramount and Nickelodeon Movies, the story will be turned into an animated feature about "a mayfly who accidentally oversleeps and, with the help of a tortoise friend, discovers the value of living for the moment."* I know -- who cares about flies, right? But wait. See, mayflies live only a day or so, so oversleeping is sort of a big deal. Tortoises, meanwhile, live for freaking ever ... you see where they're going with this, right? Seriously. Is this not adorable? I mean, granted it could turn into a pile of crap depending on whose hands it ends up in, but it would be sort of nice to see something so simple and optimistic-sounding in our multiplexes. (Yes, I'm ignoring the fact that Benvenuti and Rudnick collaborated on all three Santa Clause movies and Kicking and Screaming. Bygones.)

*It turns out that mayflies are really, really gross, hence my decision to feature a photo of a puppy instead.
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