The promised sequel to the cult-movie The Boondock Saints is almost...nearly...close to being...set to begin. The cast and crew is ready and Fox is eager to distribute the film, but unfortunately the rights to it are held up in court thanks to Saints producer Elie Samaha. Writer-director Troy Duffy should be used to having complications slow down his success, though: After writing the script for the original film, Duffy had a deal with Miramax but was let go after pissing off Harvey Weinstein. Further problems can be seen in the brilliantly revealing documentary Overnight.

As for the sequel, Duffy has had it in mind since finishing the first film, and has had no problem getting most of the cast interested. Last month he told IGN, "everybody's in and calling me every two weeks and going 'when are we going to do this thing?'" Willem Dafoe will not be returning, but otherwise Duffy makes it sound like production will begin the very split second that legal matters are cleared up.

I don't really understand the success of The Boondock Saints, which made millions of dollars in DVD sales after making only thousands at the box office. The first two acts are "cool" in the guys-with-guns way that was so popular in the '90s, and Dafoe is amazing as the creepy detective, but it really, really falls apart in the end. Still, I hope that production can get going soon, because I'm hoping that with the sequel will be also be a sequel to Overnight. I can't wait to see how much of an ass Troy Duffy has become in the last six years.

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