We reported last week on the big, three-picture deal that The Weinstein Company was working on with Zhang Ziyi and, though the story was initially debunked, its subsequent appearance in all the trades seems to confirm that there is indeed something in works. Though all of the TWC-Zhang collaborations are yet to be revealed, one, as we've discussed with much dismay, is a remake of Seven Samurai, and the other is reportedly a live-action film about Mulan, the Chinese folk hero brought to the screen in animated form by Disney in 1998.

According to Screen Daily, though, TWC is not alone with Mulan -- Stanley Tong (Mmm ... Rumble in the Bronx) is reportedly working on a movie of his own, entitled The Legend of Mulan, which he plans to start shooting with Chinese backing this fall. Though it's unlikely it would ever get a proper release over here, Tong's film, which will shoot in both China and Canada, is expected to wrap by February of 2007, which will probably have it in theaters well before TWC's version.
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