Zach Braff in The Last Kiss

Zach Braff and I have a lot in common. He likes cool indie bands such as The Shins and Sufjan Stevens. So do I. He was born and raised in New Jersey. So was I. He has impeccable comic timing. So do I (according to my mom). He stars on 'Scrubs' and makes out with Natalie Portman in 'Garden State.' So do ... OK, so I just watch 'Scrubs' and wish that I made out with the Portmeister. But that's not my point. My point is: Braff has a new flick called 'The Last Kiss' coming out Sept. 15, and the teaser trailer is finally available exclusively on Braff's newly launched home page

Those of you who are fans of 'Garden State' will notice that the The 'Last Kiss' teaser follows the same formula as the 'State' teaser: a montage of cool, funny, melancholy images set to a haunting indie tune. For 'Garden State,' that song was 'Let Go' by Frou Frou; here it's 'Chocolate' by Snow Patrol. The out-of-focus background to the credits and "Coming Soon" messaging at the end is even exactly the same as 'Garden State.' So, needless to say, you should be stoked for this flick. Below, I offer five huge reasons to start getting pumped.

1) The flick -- about four best friends (Braff, Casey Affleck, Eric Christian Olsen and Michael Weston) grappling with love, responsibility and turning 30 -- was written by 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Crash' scribe Paul Haggis (so hot right now!) and polished by none other than Braff himself.

2) That is indeedRachel Bilson -- otherwise known as Seth Cohen's (Adam Brody) rage-blackout-prone girlfriend Summer on Fox's 'The O.C.' -- making eyes at Braff, grinding with Braff and putting Braff's hand on her boob/heart. Lucky Braff-tard.

3) Yes, you did catch a brief glimpse of nudity in the teaser. Feel free to rewind now if you missed it.

4) Braff, who was responsible for compiling the insanely successful 'Garden State' soundtrack, also hand-picked all the tuneage for 'The Last Kiss.' The soundtrack comes out on Aug. 9.

5) will have the exclusive first look at the brand-spankin'-new full-length 'Last Kiss' trailer -- complete with dialogue and meaty scenes (although most likely zero nudity) -- on Thu. June 22. Come back then to watch.

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