After the generally positive critical reception that greeted Richard E. Grant'sWah-Wah, his debut as a writer-director -- and despite the horrible trial that the movie's making was for him -- he's wasting no time in putting together another project. According to a recent interview, Grant is busy writing Zeitgeist, a screenplay "about the making of a disaster movie -- basically The Poseidon Adventure in outer space!" Mmm ... disaster movies. Things with Grant's pretend movie go south, however, when it "becomes a real disaster;" Zeitgeist will focus on the aftermath of the movie falling apart, "and how actors really are, as opposed to the PR version."

Nice. In the best possible world, it sounds sort of like Red Dwarf, except with behind-the-scenes looks at the bastards playing the parts. Which, really, could be pretty damn awesome. Awesome enough, even, for me to suppress my deep bitterness at Grant's final revelation in the interview: "It's fairly and squarely based on my experience working on Hudson Hawk with Bruce Willis 16 years ago," he said, "[The script comes] from bitter, first-hand experience." Doh!
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