While everyone was ooohing and aahhhing over Ju-On, Ringu, and Audition, I found myself feeling relatively lukewarm to those particular imports. (OK, the ending of Audition is pretty darn solid.) While visiting a few film festivals I was able to catch titles like The Park, The Eye, and Acacia, but none of those really blew me away either. But then someone sent me a screener of Ji-woon Kim's A Tale of Two Sisters, and it quickly jumped to the top of my Asian Horror chart. It's about two sisters (obviously) who return home after an extended stay in a loony bin, only to butt heads with a vicious stepmother, an unhelpful father, and some evil spirits from beyond the graaaaave. Anyway, it's at least as good as Ringu or The Eye, and maybe even a little bit better.

So (get ready for it), um ... remake. Yeah, like you thought that whole set-up was for nothing, right? First-time Brit filmmakers Tom and Charlie Guard are going to direct an Americanized Tale for DreamWorks. No cast announcements just yet, but production's scheduled to begin this fall.

Which gives you more than enough time to rent the original.
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