Everyone knows "PG" stands for Parental Guidance, but now it might also be taken to mean Pro-God. The film Facing the Giants, which was produced by a Georgia church and directed by the Reverend Alex Hendrick, may have gotten the rating because of its Christian content. Hendrick claims he was told by the MPAA the film got a PG because it was so openly religious. The movie, which will be distributed by Sony on 400 screens this fall, is about a high school football team that starts doing well after its coach seeks assistance from God.

Hendrick may be getting some free advertising with his story all over the press, but it just doesn't make sense. If you look at any of the MPAA's official rating markers for the film, it clearly states the film is rated PG for thematic elements. Sure, this could mean religious elements, but what about violent sports elements? I'm not entirely doubting the MPAA's reasons, but if they do in fact have an issue with God, why? Anyway, Hendrick should be happy. Movies rated PG attract more of an audience these days that those with G-ratings.

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