Just when I thought I might be warming up to Michael Bay, I hear news of the stupidest of all possible Transformers rumors. I'm hoping this is nothing more than a stupid internet created rumor founded in nothing at all, but the word on the street says the lastest version of a Transformers script has been leaked, and it contains information regarding some severely annoying product placement. If you believe it, a Xbox 360, an iPod, and some plasma televisions will be ... you guessed it ... transforming. No word yet on what exactly these little toys will turn into, but are there really any good options?

I'll tell you what -- I think this one is just a bit much for me to believe on rumor. Despite my general distaste for Michael Bay, I'm going to give the guy benefit of the doubt on this one and presume that even he couldn't be that goofy. If anyone out there has legitimate information to substantiate this rumor, please let us know. In the meantime I'm going to continue refusing to believe it, because frankly, believing it would hurt my soul.
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