Ever since I was assigned one of the Ali G DVDs for review, I've been a pretty big fan of Sacha Cohen's aggressive humor. (Dig the guy's material or not, there's little denying that he's more of a satirist than a stooge.) Annoyingly enough, I always seem to "get in late" where the hot new comedies are concerned, but I also seem to discover the good stuff before too long. (Robot Chicken! Woohoo!) Anyway, I do have some movie-related news to pass along, and it comes in the form of a trailer. A trailer for a film called Borat. A trailer that made me laugh out loud on two separate occasions, which is more than I can say for Date Movie, which runs about 40 times longer than the Borat trailer.

Borat, for those who might not be fluent in Sacha Baron Cohen, is a Khazakstanian news reporter who travels the globe while annoying people and doing ridiculously amusing, but often strangely clever, things. (Frankly I think Borat is funnier than the flagship Ali G character, so this Borat flick was obviously made for me.) Of course, there are some Khazakstanians who don't find Borat all that amusing, which is understandable, but at least their most globally recognizable buffoon is a fictional character and not an elected official. (I'm jealous!)

Directed by Seinfeld / Entourage writer/producer Larry Charles (after Todd Phillips quit the gig), Borat will hit American shores (in November) courtesy of 20th Century Fox, provided the studio doesn't get cold feet and shelve the thing, which is something that seems to happen to ballsy, brazen, or potentially controversial little comedies from time to time. (Did the Ali G movie even PLAY in American theaters? I mean, it's not brilliant, but freakin' Date Movie opened on 3,000 screens!)

Anyway, back to Borat: JoBlo dug it, this guy dug it, and here's the official site, too. Have fun.
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