As Mark reported with dismay late last year, the profoundly annoying Jim Carrey had been signed to star inTim Burton'sBelieve It or Not, a drama about the life and times of Robert Ripley, a man Mark described then as a "world explorer, collector, and columnist." While Carrey and Burton are still very much involved in the project, Variety reports this morning that it has been placed on indefinite hold, both because of its already-massive $150 million budget, and because the star and director "wanted to make significant creative changes." Paramount suits insist, however, that this is nothing like the situation with Used Guys, another Carrey project that was recently halted by Fox of its way-too-big budget. Instead, they say, the studio still fully intends to make the movie -- this little break is just an opportunity to "get to the right place creatively and financially." Uh-huh, sure it is. We'll believe that when we see the movie actually go into production.

Burton, meanwhile, looks to have something else on his plate -- word is that he and
Johnny Depp might just be reviving their film version of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd (and yes, there will be singing), a project that was on the books years ago but fell apart when both left (Sam Mendes spent some time developing it after Burton's departure). Now thatShantaram is director-less, you see, Johnny has some time on his hands, and what with Believe it or Not on indefinite hold, what better time is there for the two of them to make a movie about a demon barber? Mmm ... meat pies.
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