Britney Spears is driving Mel Gibson crazy! According to media reports, the Lethal Weapon star is selling his Malibu mansion because the Spears-Federline clan is causing too much commotion around their gated community. The former Sexiest Man Alive is uprooting his family and moving closer to the Gibson-funded $3.7 million Catholic church. Hopefully now Mel can get some much needed peace and quiet -- I'll bet it wasn't easy channeling the Holy Spirit while PapaZao rapped around the clock. 

Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Bozan, welcomed a baby girl on Sunday. Little Isabella Damon joins Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Violet Affleck and Suri Cruise as one of Hollywood's tiniest princesses. I'd really like to see these gals form a band together. They could call themselves The Newborn Supremacy and sing cheeky, infant-related songs like, Baby Love and Baby Got Back.

Angelina and Brad aren't the only people celebrating the birth of baby Shiloh. Denise Richards told Entertainment Tonight that she "was so thankful that Angelina had that baby" because Shiloh's arrival diverted some of the media attention away from her stormy relationship with Charlie Sheen. Phew!  I am so relieved.  At first I thought Denise's garish Pussycat Doll makeup was a desperate attempt to gain Sheen's attention (I heard he's a big fan of that particular look), but now I know it was just another part of her master plan to divert attention away from her messy divorce.   


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