At this point, I've got myself so worked up about Dreamgirls that I'm going to have to undergo treatment for depression if it turns out to be bad. But it's not entirely my fault -- all the footage we've seen so far has been so damn good that it's almost impossible to remain circumspect about the movie. The latest offering, the film's first TV spot, is just as encouraging as the early teasers, though perhaps for different reasons.

While those early looks at the film seems focused more on glitz and glamor, as well as providing exposure to all of its main characters, this incredibly ballsy spot offers none of that. Instead, it's a single, barely-edited scene featuring nothing but a song. Hey, I said ballsy. Not only that, but the scene is shot mostly from distance, and with very retrained editing -- it's a blissfully far cry from the frenzied cutting that made it virtually impossible to see what was happening in all of Chicago's musical sequences.

So, six months before the film's December release, Dreamworks is basically saying "Look, kids: There's singing in Dreamgirls. A lot of singing. And it's going to by classy -- this isn't MTV, for the love of God. If you don't like it, fine. We'll see you next time we made an Adam Sandler movie." I don't know about you, but just for this one second, I love Dreamworks a little bit.

[via Dark Horizons]
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