I'm positive there are still a few of you left dying to know who will replace Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke in the direct-to-DVD sequel of The Dukes of Hazzard 2. I mean, seriously -- are you at all remotely interested in anything else surrounding this film? You wanna know who the hot girl is. That's it. You can admit it. The marketing behind the first film seemed to revolve solely around Jessica in short shorts, and I'm sure the sequel will do the same thing, so why spend energy on the extra crap when we can get right down to it?

Well folks, it appears Maxim model April Scott will be taking over where Simpson left off, contrary to rumors that had Kristin Cavallari in the role. For those of you who are not a horny teenage boy and don't pay extremely close attention to every girl wearing a bikini in Entourage, April Scott is a relatively unknown actress who, apparently, has just landed her moderately large break. Calling The Dukes of Hazzard 2 her big break might be taking things a bit too far. Hey, but she's a brunette. That means something, right? Maybe.

Joining Scott will be Randy Wayne (Jack and Bobby), who has snagged the role of Luke Duke away from Seann William Scott. However, fans of the first film should be happy to hear that Willie Nelson will return as Uncle Jesse, meaning one of two things: Either the script was just way too awesome to resist or Nelson's debt is so high, there's not a pile of crap out there he won't step in if it means a dollar can be made. In what's probably the best casting move, replacing Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg will be the sleazy Christopher McDonald. Rounding out the cast are Jonathan Bennett as Bo Duke and Sherilyn Fenn as Lulu Hogg.


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