When I first read that Eminem was going to play Paladin in a big-screen version of Have Gun - Will Travel, my primary thought was how incredibly modernEminem looks. It's impossible for me to imagine the guy even wearing a cowboy hat, let alone playing a gunfighter in the American West. Well, it turns out that I needn't have been concerned -- Paramount are updating the story to the modern day, and Paladin has been turned into, yes, a bounty hunter. Oh, hooray. So, basically, the movie will have nothing whatsoever to do with the TV show, apart from the character's name? Got it.

According to the rapper's representatives, studios have been all over his proverbial jock since 8 Mile came out but he's been cautious about choosing a follow-up project, wanting to pick one that kicks a particularly large amount of ass. One thing they've likely been looking for is a screenplay without a music-related theme, and this one fits the bill -- I can officially report that Paladin is NOT a rapper. Eminem will likely, however, be involved in the movie's soundtrack, so the movie will probably not be an entirely rap-free zone.
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