Thanks primarily to the massive appeal of both Ice Age: The Meltdown and X-Men: The Last Stand, Fox International on June 9 became the first studio to pass $1 billion in international sales this year, reaching that mark in record-breaking time. Industry-watchers are mucho impressed by the studio's strength -- crossing that threshold only six months into the year is a sign of serious strength, apparently, particularly "in today's highly competitive international marketplace." Fox won the race to $1 billion last year as well, but that success came nowhere near this fast. Of course, when you've got one movie -- Ice Age 2 -- pulling in $441 freaking million, that gives you a pretty good push towards that billion dollar goal.

In addition to Ice Age 2, major profit-drivers for the studio thus far have been X3 ($160.1 million), Walk the Line ($64.8 million) and, troublingly, The Pink Panther and Big Momma's House 2, which made $74.4 million and $64.3 million respectively. Yikes. Yet to come from Fox this year are such potential moneymakers as My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Devil Wears Prada, Night At The Museum and, sigh, Garfield 2.