News has been starting to seriously leak out regarding the Fantastic Foursequel, mostly due to Jessica Alba talking nonstop about the film recently. She seems to be genuinely excited about the film, and that's nice. Today, however, we get to hear from a different source. Ioan Gruffudd, Mister Fantastic himself, has spoken up about his thoughts for Fantastic Four 2. Gruffudd said he hasn't actually seen the script yet, and like most of us has learned almost everything he knows from Jessica Alba's recent discussions. Four major thoughts from Gruffudd --- bullet point style!

  • The success of Fantastic Four makes him feel good. He loves being Mr. Fantastic, and is as excited as Alba to return to the series.
  • He feels no fear about Alba's comments regarding a "love triangle" over the heart of the Invisible Woman. Said Gruffudd: "I'm sure Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic is very capable of holding onto his woman." He's correct, too. In the end, Reed always wins Sue's heart.
  • Dr. Doom, as played by Julius McMahon, will be back for the sequel. No word on the size of his role, but he will make at least some appearance in the film.
  • Kids sometimes pull on his arms to see if they will stretch. You know you've arrived as an actor when kids think of you as the character you portray. Just ask Gene Wilder, who still delights in being recognized as Mr. Wonka.
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