Most comic book geeks know of the DC character Jimmy Olsen and his long running comic book title Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy is a fan favorite and has shown up in just about every incarnation of Superman to hit any form of media. High on the list among these incarnations is the George Reeves' 1950s television Superman classic, and Jimmy Olsen spent a great deal of time appearing in the series, then played by Jack Larson. And Larson hasn't given up on the universe yet ... he's got a small appearance in Superman Returns. As it turns out, he may have been instrumental in Brandon Routh landing the role of Steel.

According to recent news, Larson was present for Routh's tryout. Director Bryan Singer was said to be impressed, but it was Superman's Pal Jack Larson who lobbied the director hard to win the part for Brandon Routh. Singer says Larson walked up behind him while Routh was in studio, leaned over his shoulder, and declared "there he is!" And when Jack Larson recognizes Superman, I guess even Bryan Singer doesn't argue.
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