I really want to address this whole issue about the upcoming Incredible Hulk film not actually being a true sequel to the Ang Lee production a few years back. If you missed the story, Chris wrote a great little piece on it which you can read here; what it really boils down to is Marvel resetting the story on the Hulk. Instead of picking up where the last film left off, they'll be starting again (much like Batman Begins). Avi Arad, Marvel guru, says this is because although Ang Lee made a great film, he didn't really make a MARVEL film. It failed to accomplish the comic book pizazz, and so they're going to try it again.

This story pricked my ears as soon as I heard it because The Geek Beat wrote an article about this very concept not so very long ago. The thrust of that article was campaigning for a new version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and I laid out a discussion asking for some studio to pick it up and try again. To push the reset button, if you will. It has been done before, with great success, but I thought it might be too short of time since the last one for a studio to try such. It now looks like Marvel may be laying a precedent with The Hulk, and I'm personally all in favor of it.

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