Just when the city of New York is enjoying a surge in film production, hopefully cutting down on movies set in NYC but shot in Canada, a new decision is pissing off a lot of people in the movie business. The Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting has announced they are getting rid of a parking privilege that film shoots have in the city. Many in the industry, from location scouts to costume people, need to make quick stops around the city, an in the past have been able to acquire tags that exempt them from paying meters or getting tickets. The cut doesn't dig into the permits which enable shoots to take up block after block with trailers and trucks, which is the more visibly annoying element of having a production in your neighborhood, but it seems that the tags were upsetting enough for locals to complain. Mostly, the problems had to do with the industry abusing their tags.

It is a shame that some dishonest people have to go and ruin a good thing for the rest of the film workers, but things like this are always going to happen. I just hope that productions aren't deterred from filming in NYC because of this change. Seeing film shoots around every corner is part of what makes the city special, and putting up with them is part of living and working here. I can't say they've ever been enough of a bother that I would rather they weren't around. And though I used to get frustrated with the parking situation in New York, I now accept that no intelligent human being should be driving around Manhattan unless they are a delivery truck or a taxi (and I'll lump in film industry vehicles with delivery trucks).

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