Most of my conversations are shared with pathetic movie geeks like myself, and more than a few recent chit-chats have focused on my nerdly obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I've got the desktop wallpaper, the hi-def trailer ... hell, I just listened to the screenwriter's commentary on the original Pirates DVD. So to say I'm pretty pumped for the second nautical adventure of Capt. Jack Sparrow would be a keen example of understatement. (If it sucks, I'll be crushed. Seriously.)

And then I got an email from a friend that said: "JoBlo points ye toward a new clip from Pirates 2. Don't be emailin' me back, ya landlocked bilge-nerd, because I'm sick of ye talking about pirates, ye royale depp-dork."

Granted, it's a short little not-much of a clip, but apparently it comes from last week's MTV Movie Awards broadcast, and it does seem to feature the unexpected reunion between Captain Jack and Will (Legolas) Turner, so that's a little bit of fun, I suppose. Click here to check it out for yarself.

And then go re-watch Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and tell me it's not awesome. I dare you.

(And save the salty comments, ye scurvy trolls, and mislabelin' me a disneyboy! I only to get be fanboy frenzied about a few titles this year, and POTC2 is absolutely one of those flicks.)
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