Damn, those Weinstein boys have been busy lately, huh? Not only are they putting together an interesting assortment of films to say the least but, in the process, they appear to be spanning the entire globe. First, they stopped in Japan and announced a re-make of Akira Kurosawa'sSeven Samurai, hoping to prove that a touch of CGI will help people forget there ever was an original. Next, they traveled to China and unveiled plans to produce a live-action version of Mulan featuring Zhang Ziyi, who apparently got drunk one night and signed a three-picture deal with the ex-Miramax studs, er, really hot guys from the Planet Fugly.

Now, tapped out of ideas in the Far East, the Weinstein Co. is heading to England after hiring director Paul McGuigan to direct Four Knights. Pic, which is loosely based on the play Four Knights in Knaresboro, tells the story of four foul-mouthed knights who, in an attempt to make peace with the popular Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Beckett, wind up killing him instead. This forces the knights to hide in a remote castle while fending off an entire country out for blood.

Contrary to what you wish were true, Four Knights is not a sequel to Four Brothers or The Four Feathers, however, I imagine it's not far off from The Four Musketeers, though nothing like Four Rooms ... thank God. If I were a betting man (which I'm not because I suck at anything that involves guessing), I'd say this film will not mark the third to star Zhang Ziyi, for obvious reasons. I mean, these knights are all dudes, right?

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