Apparently inspired by the relative success of such rap biopics as 50 (rest assured I'm thinking "Fitty" as I type that) Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' and 8 Mile, which Variety seems to suggest was based on Eminem's life, Universal has picked up the rights to a movie based on the life of Missy Elliot. Written by Dianne Houston but developed with the help of both Missy and her manager, the movie will be produced by well-known rap lover Robert De Niro and his partner Jane Rosenthal via their Tribeca Films banner.

The film has no title or director yet, but it's understood that Missy, whose previous screen appearances have been limited to a couple of supporting roles so small they're basically cameos, will star. I don't know about anyone else, but I would be deliriously happy if Hype Williams directed the thing. All he'd have to do is put Missy back in that garbage bag suit from the video for The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) and bust out the fisheye lens for an hour and a half or so -- don't tell me that wouldn't be a better movie than, say, White Girls.
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