The last time we talked about the casting rumors regarding the Magnum, P.I. movie, about 95% of you flipped out at the thought of that evil, Un-American bastard George Clooney taking over a role originated by your Real, Gun-Wielding Man Tom Selleck. (Based on the copious comments we received, it's apparently physically impossible to be a fan of both. As someone who owns Magnum on DVD and adores both Selleck and Clooney, I expect to disappear into thin air any second now.)  And, angry Selleck-lovers it's about to get worse/ Though Clooney has denied that he's tied to the role, another nasty liberal has been thrown into the mix by series producer Charles Floyd Johnson, who claims he's heard Ben Affleck's name associated with the part. Horrors!

Me, I'm troubled more by Affleck's complete inappropriateness for the role than by his politics. Either way, though, I'm guessing that in this case it's going to be hard to find anyone who thinks this casting would be a good idea.

[via Moviehole]
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