When casting for a big budget blockbuster-hopeful, it is not at all unusual for studios to lock up all of the major actors with sequel deals in the original contract. It is no surprise, therefore, that the cast of Superman Returns all have multi-picture deals with the studio. One key member of the team, however, may not be interested in returning for another film -- director Bryan Singer. It isn't nearly as imperative to return the director, as fans mostly only pay attention to what they can see on the screen, but Singer is seen as a valuable asset to the comic book film community after he built the successful X-Men franchise.

Singer has suggested he will take the franchise "one at a time," saying he and the Suits are currently discussing sequel possibilities but have yet to make any decisions. It wouldn't surprise anyone to learn that one -- or both -- sides are waiting to learn the financial success of the first before committing to the partnership for a second time. Singer sums up his feelings thusly: "I have to take a mental break and actually not have any schedule demands. I don't vacation well, so I'll probably want to go back to at some point, but that's a potentially huge movie and I'm not ready to dive into it right now."
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