Variety reported this morning that Fox 2000 has picked up the rights to The Book Thief, a young adult novel (at least in the US -- in Australia, it was marketed to adults) by Markus Zusak. The book, yet another one to add to the pile that I'm buying because of this job, is about Liesel Meminger, a young girl in World War II-era Germany who, after stealing her first book (though she can't yet read) at the age of nine, falls into "a love affair with books." Intermixed with the story of her love for books are the harsh realities of life in Nazi Germany. Oh -- and the story is narrated by Death. Yeah that's right, Death. He meets Liesel when he drops by to collect her younger brother and, despite his best intentions, becomes attached to the lass. Based on the reviews at Amazon, the key to the book's effectiveness is the tone and personality of Death's narration, and I'm really worried that Fox will just dump that frame because it's too hard to present on-screen. Right now, though, the movie is in its earliest stages, so it's still ok to pretend that the studio might not destroy it.
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