Those of us who don't like looking at Renée Zellweger's ribs tend to agree that one of the best things about Rob Marshall'sChicago was Catherine Zeta-Jones' appearance as Velma. Not only is she unashamedly shaped like an actual woman (Look -- curves! Holy crap! Is that allowed?), but she also has a strong background in stage musicals and can actually sing and dance. For these reasons, it's unsurprising (but nevertheless exciting) to hear that she's in the thick of the rumors that are circulating about Marshall directing a screen version of Gypsy for The Weinstein Company. Though the piece (from the New York Post's eminently *cough* reliable Liz Smith) offers no details on which role Zeta-Jones would play, one assumes she's more a little bit old to play Gypsy and would mostly likely play Mama Rose, a role that has been described as "the pinnacle of all diva roles in musical theater."

Assuming they didn't cast freaking Jessica Alba or something as Gypsy, a movie with Zeta-Jones as Mama Rose has tons of potential, and you know she'd love it -- after all, what musical theater actress doesn't secretly want to take on Ethel Merman (who originated the role on Broadway)?
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