Brad Pitt is officially Dad of the Year (well, at least according to Life & Style magazine). The Fight Club star beat out fellow Hollywood fathers Ryan Phillipe, Heath Ledger and Ben Affleck to win the coveted number one spot. The ruling was based on Pitt's decision to choose family over the Cannes Film Festival. Naturally, Tom Cruise's whirlwind promotional tour just days after Suri's birth precluded him from the list. However, Cruise's couch-jumping antics did secure him the honor of being one half of In Touch magazine's Most Affectionate Couple in Hollywood. So it seems that the Interview with the Vampire stars are in a dead heat. Both have two adopted children, both have biological baby girls and both have meaningless tabloid titles. Personally, I'd like to see "Oldest Make-out" as the tie-breaking category. Tommy's marriage to Mimi Rogers gives him a bit of a head-start, but if Brad can get Barbara Hershey's digits, it'll be game-over.   

David Lynch's personal life might be odder than his on-screen plot lines. The director of such cult favorites as Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and Mulholland Dr. is separating from his wife after only one month of marriage. Obviously Hollywood is no stranger to short-lived marriages (Britney, Zsa Zsa, Ernest Borgnine ... ), but Lynch and his wife already have a teenage son together, thus suggesting that they've known each other for quite some time. I guess this just proves that little pieces of paper do change people.   

Daryl Hannah's tree-sitting days are over! As reported earlier, Hannah and a bunch of other eco-celebs such as Joan Baez and Leonardo DiCaprio have been protesting the bulldozing of a subsistence farm in L.A.'s inner city for the past 23 days. The star of Splash went out with a bang yesterday when she was hauled off to prison with the rest of her fellow protesters. From her jail cell, Hannah told People, "I'm not thrilled about it, but I felt it was important to sustain my commitment." Hear that, Joan Baez and Leonardo DiCaprio? It's important to SUSTAIN your commitment. The fair-weather, tree-hugging celebs were nowhere to be seen during yesterday's police raid.  


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