Kevin Smith's films have not exactly been burning through the box office of late, although until Jersey Girl most of them could be (and were) viewed as modest successes by Smith and his fans (yours truly included). This means he needs either a good box office return or a great critical reception in the manner of Chasing Amy  -- preferably both -- for his upcoming Clerks 2. To help with this goal, Smith has been inducting his fans into a personal marketing team, creating a contest to get the word out on his latest theatrical release. The deal is this: fans are to post Clerks 2 banners (which link back to the film's website) in every possible internet forum available to them: MySpace, websites, forums, message boards, etc. The fan who gets his banner in the most unique and/or impressive location will receive a guaranteed on-camera appearance in the very next View Askew film. Nine runners up will also get some manner of swag.

It is an interesting idea, and I'm curious to see how it turns out. Do you think it will help Smith generate interest in his film, or will it cause an irritated backlash against what could be perceived as internet graffiti? Clever or desperate -- or possibly a mix of both? I'll be impressed if a banner actually makes it somewhere other than message boards and movie/geek websites.
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