The Seventh Annual Golden Trailer Awards were held on June 1st in NYC and Mission: Impossible IIIwas the big winner, garnering three trophies for Trailer Park, the company that produced the film's previews. In addition to winning the grand prize of Best of Show, M:I III won awards for having the best trailer for an action movie and for a summer 2006 blockbuster.

Personally, I think that the best trailer should be the one that attracts people to a movie, since that is its purpose. I admit the Mission: Impossible III trailer is pretty good, but it didn't really convince many to see it, and didn't make me think the movie would be as good as it actually is. When I think of a good trailer, I am always reminded of the ones for Blow, the cocaine biopic starring Johnny Depp. The previews were stylishly edited and featured great soundtracks, which had me in anticipation for months. Unfortunately the actual movie was surprisingly mediocre, but the trailer did a terrific job of drawing me in. 

I can't think of the best movie trailer I saw in the past year, so I guess there weren't many that were memorable -- looking at the list of other winners, I can't even remember their trailers. The last truly great preview I can remember was for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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