Michelle Monaghan in M:i:III

Michelle Monaghan's moment in the summer sun should be over by now. After all, it's been more than a month since she played Mrs. Ethan Hunt in 'Mission: Impossible III.' And yet, much to the joy of many blue-blooded American men such as myself (or perhaps just me), she is back with a vengeance this week. Just yesterday, 'M:i:III' snagged three prizes at the Golden Trailer Awards, which are basically the Oscars for movie previews. Despite the film's underwhelming box office performance -- thanks in part to the backlash against a certain guy named Tom (not me) -- 'Mission' won trophies for Best Action Trailer, Summer 2006 Blockbuster Trailer and the much-ballyhooed Best of Show award for top overall trailer. Other victors included 'Wedding Crashers' for Best Comedy Trailer and 'Thank You for Smoking' for Most Original. For the full list of winners, check out GoldenTrailer.com.

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Michelle Monaghan in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

But I am not done with our gal Michell yet -- not by a long shot. As fate would have it, yesterday also saw the DVD release of 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,' a hilarious and highly underrated neo-noir flick in which Monaghan stars with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. Although there is documented proof that more people watched paint dry than saw 'Kiss Kiss' last year, it did succeed in catapulting Monaghan to "It Girl" status. And rightly so. I highly recommend checking out the movie if you're a fan of Michelle in the Santa's Saucy Helper suit she's donning in the picture to the right (and an even bigger fan of finding out how she looks out of the suit). You'll also dig the flick if the thought of Robert Downey Jr. accidentally urinating on a corpse makes you chuckle -- or if you refuse to believe that Val Kilmer could ever be as amazing in a gay role as he was when he played Iceman in 'Top Gun.' Anyway, if you decide to join the Michelle fan club, you'll be interested to know that her next starring role will be in 'Gone, Baby, Gone,' written and directed by Ben Affleck. And no, the title does not allude to Ben's career. You're cruel for even thinking that.

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