I know the Batman Begins rumor mill will be churning for some time; the film has a while until production begins and with big title films there are always a thousand crazy rumors floating around regarding casting news and whatnot. Most of them are easily rejected, while a select few seem plausible enough or come from confirmed, legitimate sources. And sometimes, there are rumors so absurd they just make your jaw drop. I suggest you put on a chinstrap, because this one is jaw drop city.

Batman on Film
is the place for Batman rumors. They've got connections like crazy, and they are always on top of their game. They generally weed through the junk, but they've recently shared something crazy just for the sheer wackiness factor. Apparently, some people actually watch G4 TV, and several of those people noticed a news scroller on the bottom of the screen declaring Paul Reubens as the Joker in the new Batman film. BOF insists this is crazy rumor, and Cinematical definitely agrees. Knowing G4 (yes, I'm admitting to watching it sometimes), it could have even been some sort of weird joke the audience didn't pick up on. Whatever it is, it is certainly amusing.
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